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Thu 15 October 7.00pm 'The Life of John Dowland'   -   Music and verse of the Renaissance, with lute, counter tenor and narrator   -   A private concert   -   Bromsgrove
Sat 24 October 7.00pm A programme of music inspired by the pioneering recording of the same name by the Julian Bream Consort, released in 1962.  This was the first time most of us had heard the wonderful sound of the 'broken consort', which had been very popular at Court and in theatrical entertainments.  The recording was inspirational and, in the programme, we will recall all the music that Bream chose, including dances and songs that would have been well known to Queen Elizabeth I.       Clarendon Park Congregational Church, London Road, Leicester, LE2 3BB (map)
Tickets £8, children free, at the door or email here, or telephone 0116-2709984
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