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Sat 11 May 7.30pm The life of John Dowland in words and music.  Linked to the 'Lachrimae' concert on the 6th July, this event will use Dowland's own writing, the introductions to his publications and words of his contemporaries to draw a picture of this brilliant musician and his extraordinary life.  The story will be illustrated with some of his finest songs and lute solos performed by Richard Ollier (reader), Jonathan Spencer (counter-tenor) and Mike Ashley (lute).       Clarendon Park Congregational Church, Leicester, LE2 3BA.
Sat 6 July 7.30pm A Tribute to John Dowland.  The great Elizabethan composer and lute player was born 450 years ago and we celebrate this with a special concert.  Dowland's lute music is the finest of his time and his songs are some of the greatest written in the English language.  His consort music for five viols and lute is just as extraordinary, although not so frequently performed today.  Based on his earlier and most famous composition the 'Lachrimae Pavane', the sequence of seven pavanes, which begin his 1605 publication 'Lachrimae', is astonishing in its emotional depth and compositional skill, well in advance of his time.  To perform this work the usual Lachrimae Consort will be changed to accommodate the need for five viols and lute, and we will also be joined by guest singer Jill Davies.       Leicester Early Music Festival, at All Saints Church, High Cross Street, Leicester, LE1 4 PH.
Sat 5 October 7.30pm The life of John Dowland in words and music - details as for the 11th May.       Dorridge Village Hall, Grange Road, Dorridge, Solihull, Warwickshire, B93 8QA.

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